Tam Tech HF Concrete Form Coating Beats the Competition

High-Performance Specialized Epoxy Coating For Protecting Concrete Forms

Tam Tech HF Concrete Form Coating is a two-component, high-performance epoxy coating designed to protect all types of concrete forms. Our coating also extends the life of your concrete forms. Minimize the need for concrete form resurfacing while improving the appearance of concrete finishes. Using our product turns rough forms into smooth, hard ready-to-use forms outperforming Armorgard 505.

Tam Tech HF Concrete Form Coating is also easy to clean up between castings and it can be used in pre-cast, tilt-up, slip form, and cast-in-place applications providing a hard, durable surface to protect the forms.

It is a 100% solids special proprietary epoxy that requires no primer. A faster-setting version is available for cool weather applications. It also comes in different colors. Here are just a few reasons Tam Tech beats the competition:

  • Dramatically extends the life of wood, metal, and concrete forms
  • Tremendously improves the concrete finish
  • Easy clean-up between castings
  • Hard, durable protective coating
  • A fast setting, low-temperature formula is available
  • Available in clear, gray, and other colors
  • Zero solvents or VOC’s

Why Tam Tech HF Form Coating Is Better Than Armorgard 505

There are four primary reasons Tam Tech HF Form Coating is the best choice to protect your concrete forms.

  1. Tam Tech HF Form Coating is a better-engineered product with an improved flow for better application and longer-lasting forms versus Armorgard 505. Our formula outperforms, and it tremendously improves the concrete finish.
  2. Proven long-term performance – Our form coating products have been used successfully for over a decade in various applications and in all kinds of conditions across the United States.
  3. Competitive Pricing – Tamarron offers competitive pricing compared to Armorgard 505 and comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit your exact application. Save money by buying only the product you need.
  4. The BEST service in the industry – Tam Tech provides faster delivery times for a wide variety of product sizes. We stand behind our product and stand ready to assist you before, during, and after the sale.

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What Customers Say about Tam Tech Concrete Form Coatings…

  • “After 100 pours, (our forms) look like the day we applied it! Amazing!”
  • Tam Tech HF Form Coating “Saved us a lot of money. We did not have to replace our forms!”
  • “We used (Tam Tech HF Form Coating) on the major San Diego Airport expansion!” – Kiewit Construction

Comparison Points – Tam Tech vs. Armorgard 505

CriteriaTam Tech HF FOrm CoatingArmorgard 505
Application Method  Squeegee/Roller/Trowel/BrushSqueegee/Roller
Application Thickness (1)  15 -25 mil15-30 mil
Single Coat ApplicationYesYes
Sizes Available  3,15, 150 gallon kits4, 15, 165 gallon kits & totes
Application Temperature  50F – 90F55F – 90F
Rapid Tack-Free PeriodYesYes
Adhesion to Damp SurfacesYesYes
ColorsClear, Grey, White and Others Clear, Red
Adhesion Surfaces Wood, Concrete, SteelWood, Concrete, Steel
Solvent & VOC FreeYesYes
Working Time (2)  20 min25 min
Initial Cure Time (2) 10-12 Hours9-12 Hours
Tack Free Time (2)  6 Hours5-6 Hours
Mix Ratio2:12:1
Consistency Pourable
Weight Per Gallon  9.0 lbs9.08 lbs
Coverage @ 15 mil, 120 sq ft/gal@ 15 mil, 120 sq ft/gal

(1) Application varies depending on porosity and/or roughness of form surface
(2) Temperature and atmosphere conditions dependent

Other Important Comparison Points

  • Shelf Life & Storage Temperature: One year in unopened containers at 40 to 90 degrees F (5 to 32 degrees C).
  • Coverage: One gallon of material will cover about 120 square feet per gallon at 15 mils of thickness depending upon the surface texture. This is an estimate only. Some customers apply at a heavier rate of application.

Order Today – Or, Get a Free One Gallon Sample

Call for a special quote on your initial order!

Call us at 800-277-3207
or e-mail to us at:
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How to Use the Product

The form surfaces should be clean and sound. Remove all concrete residue, dirt, oil, grease, and other loose materials. A light sanding of the forms will increase the bond. Surfaces can be cleaned with a solvent wipe or an application of warm water with a detergent followed by a warm water rinse. Continue cleaning until water will no longer bead up on the forms. Remove all standing water. Then clean with a vacuum or oil-free compressed air. Let dry. Like Armorgard 505, Tam Tech HF Concrete Form Coating will not bond to contaminated surfaces.

For best results condition material to room temperature prior to mixing. Premix part A and part B separately. Then mix at a 2-1 ratio for three minutes in a third container with a low-speed drill (about 600 rpm) and a jiffy mixer. Do not use high-speed mixing, it will whip air into the material. The mixed material should be uniform in color. Mix only what can be used within the working time of 20-25 minutes at 74 degrees.

Then immediately apply Tam Tech HF Concrete Form Coating onto the forms with a short nap epoxy roller, trowel, brush, squeegee, or grooved fiberglass roller. Do not excessively roll the coating. Recommended application thickness is 15 mils. One gallon of material will cover about 120 square feet per gallon at 15 mils of thickness depending upon the surface texture. Then after the initial cure, apply form release to coating before pouring concrete.

Limitations: Store product above 40 degrees F (5 degrees C). Substrate and air temperature must be above 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) during application and during curing. Check the relative humidity and the dew point. The surface temperature should be 6 degrees above the dew point. Hot temperatures will accelerate the set time and cold temperatures will slow down the set time. In cold temperatures, use Tam Tech HF Concrete Form Low Temperature formula, specially engineered to outperform Armorgard 505 in low temperatures.

Clean-up: Tam Tech HF Concrete Form Coating can be cleaned using a solvent like xylene. Armorgard 505 suggests a proprietary solvent for cleanup.

Warning: Skin contact may cause irritation, redness, or burns. Remove clothing if contaminated and wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. For eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes and call a physician. It is a strong sensitizer so avoid breathing vapors and ingestion. Use safety glasses and wear chemical-resistant gloves. Use with adequate ventilation / forced local exhaust or if ventilation is poor, refer to MSDS for further information. NIOSH approved, organic vapor respirators and forced exhaust are recommended in confined areas. Do not weld on, burn or torch the epoxy material. See MSDS for complete information. For industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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