Concrete Form Coatings


Epoxy Coating for Concrete Forms

Tam Tech HF Form Coating is a two component, high performance epoxy coating designed for protecting all types of concrete forms. It greatly extends the life of wood, metal and concrete forms without having to replace or resurface them. It also tremendously improves the appearance of the concrete finish (architectural quality) with easy clean-up between castings. Tam Tech HF Form Coating is ideal for pre-cast and cast-in-place applications providing a hard, durable surface to protect the forms. It is a 100% solids epoxy that requires no primer. A faster-setting version is available for cool weather applications.

  • Extends Product Life – Greatly extends the life of wood, metal and concrete forms.
  • Improved Finish – Improves the concrete finish
  • Easy Clean Up – Easy clean-up between castings
  • Durable Coating – Hard, durable protective coating
  • Bond Damp Surfaces – Bonds to damp surfaces
  • Low Temp Formula – A fast setting, low temperature formula is available
  • Replaces fiberglass – Replaces fiberglass or urethane coatings
  • Zero Solvents – Zero solvents or VOC’s