About Us

Tamarron Technology was founded by a past Vice President of the Chemical and Cement Division of Dayton Superior Corporation (a major supplier to the concrete construction marketplace) along with a partner.

Tamarron Technology Inc. specializes in unique products that fill a specific market niche in the construction and manufacturing marketplace. For example, the company has adhesives that work on tough “hard to bond ” applications like adhering High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene, Teflon, ABS, Nylon and rubber. They also have epoxy adhesives for structural bonding and anchoring.

Next the company has an outstanding line of sealers for the paving, brick and concrete industry. These include products that will harden the sand in paver joints to prevent weeds, sealers for concrete and pavers, stain resistant coatings and wet look sealers.

Finally the company has proprietary high performance coatings that greatly extend the life of concrete forms. These coatings provide a tough durable surface to protect the forms and provide a high quality finish to the concrete. There are three manufacturing locations for Tamarron Technology Inc., Aurora, IL, Nashville, TN , and Jacksonville, FL.

Tamarron Technology focuses on a very high level of service and quality. To insure a high level of service, they have technical and customer support available 24 hours per day Monday though Saturday. They also have a company goal of shipping over 90% of all orders within 2-3 days.

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    Tamarron Technology
    8044 Montgomery Road, Suite 700, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 USA
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    Manufacturing Plants:
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