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Invisible Penetrating Sealer

TAMTECHseal Water Repellent is a high performance water repellent that penetrates pavers, concrete, and masonry to provide long term protection against the effects of water, salt and weather. It is a waterbased sealer that provides clear invisible protection and is UV stable. It also forms a strong bond to the substrate and resists freeze thaw cycles and the resultant spalling. TAMTECHseal Water Repellent can be applied right after the installation of pavers, has no odor, is safe to use and cleans up easily with water. The sealer is breathable, thus moisture is not trapped in the substrate. It is an exterior product that can be used on new or existing applications.

  • Clear invisible protection
  • Repels water
  • Protects against freeze-thaw
  • Waterbased, safe to use, VOC compliant
  • Helps prevent efflorescence
  • Lasts up to ten years
  • Breathable

Surface must be completely clean and dry. Remove all dirt, paint, efflorescence, oil, loose debris and previous coatings. Prior to application, apply a few drops of the sealer to the surface. It should penetrate right away otherwise additional cleaning is necessary. Use protective sheeting to cover nearby painted surfaces, vehicles, glass and any non-masonry or non-concrete surface. For paver applications, be sure sand is filled in joints to the required level slightly below the top of the pavers. Pavers can be treated right away. New concrete should cure for 14 days and tuckpointing should cure for 3 days. Always do a small test to ensure desired look and performance of the sealer. Apply product uniformly with a pump-up sprayer, roller or use low pressure spray equipment, about 15 psi. Use a large fan type spray nozzle and apply enough material to flood coat the surface and the surface should stay wet for at least three minutes. Vertical surfaces should have a 5” rundown below the spray pattern. Broom out puddles and wipe up excess material that does not penetrate. Product will dry to the touch in typically 30-45 minutes depending on temperature. Keep traffic off for 24 hours. Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours.

  • Form: Milky white liquid
  • pH: 7.8
  • Specific Gravity: 1.00
  • Weight/gallon: 8.14 lbs (3.8 kg)
  • Freezing Point: 34 degrees F (1 Degree C)
  • VOC Content:  Less than 100 g/L, Meets most VOC requirements

Limitations: Do not leave excess or pooled material on the surface. Do not apply product to a damp surface. Protect glass, vehicles, etc from overspray. The minimum application temperature is 45 degrees F and 45 degrees should be maintained for the next 24 hours. The maximum application surface temperature is 110 degrees F. In hot weather it is recommended that product be applied in cooler morning hours. Surfaces may darken slightly during an application depending upon porosity of the surface. Do not apply to glass.

Shelf Life: Two years in unopened containers. Do not allow stored product to freeze since it is water based.

Coverage: Concrete pavers: 100-125 sq ft /gal, concrete: 100-125 sq ft /gal, masonry & stone: 100- 300 sq ft /gal Coverage rate will depend on texture and porosity if the surface.

Clean Up:Clean equipment with water before product dries.

Packaging: One gallon units (4/case), five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums

Cure Time:Product will dry to the touch in typically 30-45 minutes depending on temperature. Keep traffic off for 24 hours.

Warning: Rinse immediately off of glass. Skin or eye contact may cause irritation. If eye contact occurs, flush will water. For skin contact, wash with soap and water. Use safety glasses and wear gloves with protective clothing. Provide adequate ventilation. For exterior applications only. Do not swallow. See SDS for complete information. For industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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