Paver & Joint Sealers

Joint Stabilizer / Hardener & Paver Sealer is a high performance product designed to harden and consolidate sand in joints and seal the surface of pavers, bricks and concrete. This water based polymer will stabilize the joints, prevent wash-out of the sand and help stop weeds from growing through the joints. The product also acts as a clear sealer to help protect against the weather, water, dirt, freeze thaw damage and staining. Joint Hardener & Paver Sealer can be applied right after the installation of the pavers and has no odor, is safe to use and cleans up easily with water. The sealer is breathable, thus moisture is not trapped in the pavers. It is an exterior and interior product that can be used on new or old pavers, bricks or concrete.

  • Prevent Washout – Prevents sand washout and joint deterioration
  • Prevents Weeds – Helps prevent weeds from growing in the joints
  • Interior/Exterior – For use in both Interior and exterior
  • VOC Compliant – Water based, safe to use, VOC compliant
  • Weather Resistant – Resists weather, water, dirt, stains & moss
  • Freeze Resistant – Resists freeze-thaw damage
  • Breathable – Sealers are breathable
  • Preserves Natural Look – Preserves natural look & resists fading (Pavers continue to look like new !)
Technical Data Sheets

TAMTECHSEAL Natural Finish (2 Pgs)

TAMTECHSEAL Gloss Finish (2 Pgs)



TAMTECHSEAL Wet Look Water Based (2 Pgs)

TAMTECHSEAL Invisible Penetrating Sealer (2 Pgs)

Form Coatings

Tam Tech HF Form Coating is a two component, high performance epoxy coating designed for protecting all types of concrete forms. It greatly extends the life of wood, metal and concrete forms without having to replace or resurface them. It also tremendously improves the appearance of the concrete finish (architectural quality) with easy clean-up between castings. Tam Tech HF Form Coating is ideal for pre-cast and cast-in-place applications providing a hard, durable surface to protect the forms. It is a 100% solids epoxy that requires no primer. A faster-setting version is available for cool weather applications.

  • Extends Product Life – Greatly extends the life of wood, metal and concrete forms.
  • Improved Finish – Improves the concrete finish
  • Easy Clean Up – Easy clean-up between castings
  • Durable Coating – Hard, durable protective coating
  • Bond Damp Surfaces – Bonds to damp surfaces
  • Low Temp Formula – A fast setting, low temperature formula is available
  • Replaces fiberglass – Replaces fiberglass or urethane coatings
  • Zero Solvents – Zero solvents or VOC’s
Technical Data Sheets

TAMTECH HF Form Coating (2 Pgs)

TAMTECH HF Form Coating Low Temp (2 Pgs)


Tam Tech Adhesive is one of the top performing adhesives / glues in the industry. It is a very high performance structural adhesive / glue designed to work with “hard to bond” materials like: HDPE (high density polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), PE, polypropylene, ABS, nylon, Teflon, rubber, TPE’s (like Santoprene), polycarbonate, fiberglass, PVC and it bonds to concrete, steel and aluminum. It is a modified polymer in a proprietary formulation that requires no primer or special surface preparation and it is supplied in a 1-1 ratio with cartridges.

Product Features:
  • One of top adhesives in the industry
  • Bonds polyethylene & polypropylene
  • Bonds dissimilar materials
  • Long term structural bond
  • No special surface preparation or primer necessary
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Excellent resistance to water
  • Bonds underwater
  • Impact resistant
  • Replaces mechanical fasteners
Technical Data Sheets

TAMTECH PP and PE Adhesive (2 Pgs)

TAMTECH PP and PE Adhesive 50 (2 Pgs)

Concrete Buildup

Prevents Concrete Build-Up – Tam Tech Concrete Removal

Tam Tech Concrete Removal will prevent concrete from bonding to mixers, molds, pump trucks, ready-mix trucks, buckets, hoppers, screeds, etc. It is a great labor saver! It makes it easier to remove concrete build-up from most metal surfaces including the inside of concrete mixers.

Product Features:
  • Prevents concrete build-up
  • Works in hot weather
  • Easy removal of concrete, reduces labor costs
  • Works on concrete mixers and pump trucks
  • Ideal for precast plants and block plants

Removes Concrete Build-Up – Speedy Clean

Speedy Clean is a non-acid liquid product used to dissolve concrete buildup on tools, forms, mixers, equipment, ready mix trucks, etc. It is 100% biodegreadable, non-corrosive and is applied with a pump-up sprayer, brush or roller.

Product Features:
  • Designed to remove concrete build-up
  • No acids and non-corrosive
  • Works on ready-mix trucks, portable mixers, tools, etc
  • Ideal for shoring, forming and scaffolding equipment
  • Biodegradable

Hot Weather Concrete Finishing Aid – Tam Tech Finishing Aid

Tam Tech Finishing Aid is a spray applied product designed to provide more time to finish concrete flatwork in hot, dry or windy conditions. It helps contractors produce high quality concrete flatwork and avoid concrete setting before they can complete the finishing operations. It also helps to prevent plastic shrinkage cracking on the surface. It is supplied in a concentrate and with a dilution ratio of up to 9 to 1 with water.

Product Features:
  • Prevents rapid drying of the concrete during hot weather
  • Provides more finishing time in hot weather
  • Helps prevent plastic shrinkage cracks on the surface
  • Ideal for concrete finishing in hot, dry, windy conditions
  • Reduces concrete crusting in hot weather
  • Does not affect concrete strength
  • Compatible with sealers
Technical Data Sheets

TAMTECH Concrete Removal (2 Pgs)

Speedy Clean (2 Pgs)

TAMTECH Finishing Aid (2 Pgs)